Warm Up Your Holidays with a Blanket Party

November 25th, 2014 by Kruns

It’s getting cold out there, so while some people want to hide away from the effects of global warming under a nice comfy blanket, we have something a little more sinister in mind.

If there’s someone in your crew who doesn’t blade in the winter, whether from the weather or from just being lame, we can help you get their priorities straight with a Blanket Party.

The premise is simple and one you may remember from Full Metal Jacket.

Since your grandma is going to knit you a blanket anyway, you’ve got most of your gear there. But it takes more than a blanket to party.

For $17.95, AMall will hook you up with a Blanket Party Pack, which includes a pair of Gawds socks and two blocks of wax.  The pack comes in short and long, depending on your arm length and velocity needs.

To get cranking, just drop the wax in the sock, shake it down to the bottom, and get cranking. While AMall in no way encourages violence in any way, we would like to remind you the liver is on the right side of the torso.

Or your could do everyone one step better and use those new socks to keep your feet warm while you blade and the wax to keep all your surfaces buttery smooth.

Don’t forget to check the site and your email inbox from some violently discounted goods this Black Friday shopping season.

The Boise Beast and His Brand New Blades

October 29th, 2014 by Kruns

In case you’ve been hanging out on the moon and didn’t already know, Aggressive Mall rider and all-around good guy Erik Bailey has received another pro boot from Valo.

Bailey’s latest skate is a tribute to his first pro boot, which came out in black and white color ways back in Valo’s infancy. Since then, the classic cut has been made into maroon, gray, and denim color ways, but Bailey, a man of classic taste, is going back to his first.

“That was my favorite of them all,” Bailey tells us. “I didn’t want it to be exactly the same.”


The Bailey 1.5 has a black leather skin, Valo two-piece souls, and other subtle updates to give new life to this classic blading look. Unlike other recent Valo pro skates, the EB 1.5 doesn’t use the carbon fiber shell and relies on the tried-and-true classic Valo boot.

“I think it’s cool because it lasts a long time,” he said.

The Idaho native is back in Boise after a month in Washington and New York, helping good friend and blade artist Kyler Martz with some exclusive pieces (Kyler also did the art for Bailey’s latest pro wheel from Eulogy).


While everyone waited to get theirs, Bailey has been collecting clips in his new skates in front of the lens of Ivan Narez. The dynamic duo brought you other great Bailey sections and clips in the last two Valo videos, Shred ‘Til You’re Dead I and II, and other projects.

“Ivan was in Seattle for nine days. We filmed the whole time, except for the few days it rained,” Bailey said.

The edit to accompany Bailey’s new boot is expected to premiere at the Blading Cup this weekend in Santa Ana, Calif.

Bailey will soon be en route for his fourth appearance at the Cup. Despite the fact he’s now old enough to qualify for the 30 and Over division, Bailey won’t be skating in it, but he’ll be judging the ol’ boys and blading with the pro boys.

“The older guys are probably the ones to watch,” Bailey said.

Besides filming for his new edit, Bailey’s been filming with Erik Bill for Snake River Special II, the second installment of the Idaho-centered scene. He’s also been filming with some Boise skateboarder friends.

“It’s really fun and that’s the point,” he said.


But don’t expect ol’ Bailes to hop on the VOD train just quite yet. He’s been enjoying the one’s he’s paid for, including Bolino, Broskow, and B. Free, but right now, he doesn’t have any plans for paid edits.

“Skating is one of those things where the edit is promoting the product,” he said. “If I were going to film something like that, I’d have to go out for a year.”

Right now, Bailey is having a blast being out on his blades, traveling around the country when he can, and finding a bit of new zeal about life.

“A lot of people talk about all the younger years, and I can’t relive them as an old man, but I’m finding a lot of new good times,” he said. “I’ve been skating more than every lately. I’m feeling really good.”

The EB 1.5 will be shipping out to pre-ordering AMall customers after we all return from the Blading Cup.

New Skates Direct from the Young Gawd

October 22nd, 2014 by OLD MONEY

It has been a while since our dear friend in Long Beach has had a new Pro skate, but the wait is almost over! The brand new USD Franky Morales Carbons are due to arrive any minute now! If “beneath a rock” is your permanent mailing address, Franky has been modeling his pro skates after his favorite sneakers.

His first model blew everyone away featuring an assortment of colors that seamlessly blended together to produce the most memorable skate of its time.

OLD Franky

His second model flipped the script on his first skates as he hit us with the subtle black highlights.


His newest skates come complete with brand new Clear Kizer Fluid 4 Frames. While your truespin topside tricks may not improve, your swagg is guaranteed to go up about 6 points on average. These frames come loaded with some fresh Gawds wheels and Antis so you know you will be rolling correct.

In all their glory, here are the new Franky’s.

USD Franky Morales Carbons

No Franky release be complete without an edit featuring that one park in the LBC. Without any further ado:

Like all USD Skates, these are extremely limited so be sure you pick these up while you can.

Don’t Count on Global Warming

October 15th, 2014 by Kruns

The Earth may be heating up rapidly, but that doesn’t mean winter won’t be too far away.

And since we’ve lost all that handy fur due to evolution (and most cities have anti-nudity ordinances), you’ll need something to keep your flesh covered. We can help you out with that.

New for fall, AMall some new sweatshirts to keep you looking good and feeling warm, whether you’re out shredding the streets or looking to tear it up at the club (or just stand in the corner because the crappy “DJ” is nothing but a chump with a laptop).

Starting out at $49, there’s the Inked Laurel Crew Neck.

But if you’re worried about your neck or ears getting cold, we’ve got you covered.

For $55 (Hey, hoods aren’t free), there’s the Inked Laurel Hoody, in Navy and Ash.

But if you prefer a zipper because you like quick access out of your clothes, there’s the Framed Zip Up Hoody for $55.

And if you need a quick Halloween costume, you can use the sweatshirts to go as Headless Nolte, a reference no one will get unless you wear it out in Santa Ana the night before the Blading Cup.

Check out our full selection of sweatshirts at AggressiveMall.com

It’s Time to Talk to Your Doctor

October 9th, 2014 by Kruns

Have you been feeling a little off lately?

Have you experienced unexpected weight loss or weakness? Have your wounds been healing slowly?

Do you have pale skin or edema: a collection of water in your legs, feet, and ankles? Has it affected your blade game?

Have you been cranky, moody, depressed, anxious, or generally feeling like a huge, icy buster chump?

Those are all symptoms of protein deficiency. You know what has protein? No, not some unappetizing pinner soybeans.

MEAT! Come get some of it this Saturday at the Housewarming Meat Up beginning at 1 p.m. at the Redwood City Skatepark, at the back end of Red Morton Community Park in the heart of Redwood City. (Here’s a Google Maps link, so you have no excuses.)

Even if your subsidized Obamacare healthcare doesn’t cover your Cross Fit-branded protein shakes, all the meat you’ll need to get your leg strength back is covered by Aggressive Mall. That’s right, free beefy healthcare.

But don’t bring any buns. There’s tacos and sausages, but this is a bun-free environment. Besides, buns don’t have protein in them.

As far as your fat water-logged feet and pale skin, putting on your blades in that beautiful Redwood City sunshine should take care of that. And sunshine is full of vitamin D, which is good for depression and your general cranky mood.

You can thank us later.

The Long Game

August 7th, 2014 by Radsac

Everyone these days wants instant satisfaction or gratification with the least amount of work possible.

The thing is that you can’t get really good at something over night. You have to put in the work day in and day out. You have to be in it for the Long Game.

We want you to be the best rollerblader that you can be and that requires time. Think about how many hours of skating the pros have put in to achieve their greatness?

So the next time you are frustrated with your progress, say to yourself, “Maybe I can’t land this trick today but since I’m in the aggressive rollerblading Long Game, I know I will eventually be able to stick it.”

Here is a quick video that explains the Long Game:

The Long Game Part 2: the missing chapter from Delve on Vimeo.

New Tees Please

August 5th, 2014 by Radsac

There is nothing like getting a hair cut, rolling on a new pair of socks and putting on a clean new t-shirt. Don’t it feel great? Like a million bucks!

Below are the new rollerblading tees to cover you for part of the equation. Click the pics to get yours today.

Neil did cut his bangs for the pictures and was wearing new Them Goods socks so you can easily tell that he is feeling like a new man. Gawds socks coming soon hopefully!

AM Yall Like Skatin? Tee Tye Dye ($25) Available in Navy also.
Amall Y'all Like Skatin? Tee Tye Dye

AM 96 Raglan Tee Red ($28) Available in Black also.
AM 96 Raglan Tee Red

Gawds We Trust Tee ($28) Available in White also.
Gawds We Trust Tee

Gawds Glory Tee ($28) Available in Black also.
Gawds Glory Tee

Click here for our entire selection of t-shirts for you to wear out blading and in the public sector.

We Love Mondays

August 4th, 2014 by Radsac

Nolte loves Mondays.

Even after a weekend full of rollerblading, come Monday Nolte is at the shop bright and early getting things rolling smoothly. He knows how to start the week off right because he has made the proper preparations.

Are you ready for the skate sessions this week? Come next weekend are you prepared to take full advantage of the long skating days?

Love Mondays like we do and attack the week with full velocity and handle your business.

None of this, “My skates are broke but I can’t fix them or get new ones because my pockets are broke.”

Need a boost? We’ve got a new package deal to help you roll smooth and roll clean with all of your stuff strapped to your back. It even comes with a free bar of wax to replace the one that got left behind at the skate spot the other day.

Things are looking real good this Monday.

MTN DVSN Adventure Time Package Deal (Starting @ $95.00)
MTN DVSN Adventure Time Package Deal

Throw Your Very Own Summer Skate BBQ

August 1st, 2014 by Radsac

Dre developed the Amall Meat Up because he likes to get rollerbladers together for skating, socializing and good ol’ food. We’ve had a total of 12 successful Meat Ups over a 1 year span. Dre is looking forward to the 13th one (to be determined) because he has a special affinity for the number.


Since we can only hold our Meat Ups around the California Bay Area, we highly encourage you to throw your own summer skate BBQ’s if you are not already. Here are a few pointers:

-Let everyone know far enough in advance. None of this,

“Hey brah we should throw a BBQ today at Noon.”

“Dude it’s 3 pm.”

-It’s much easier if you keep the food simple but if you want to go nuts and offer a 5 course meal for folks, I don’t think anyone will complain. Street tacos are easy. Hot dogs are easy. Too much money? Supply just the BBQ and encourage folks to bring their own meat or veggies.

-NO ICE CREAM. I can’t stand it when all of the local scooter kids spill their ice creams all over the skate park. Don’t join them.

-Coolers and ice work great to keep your road soda’s cold. No one likes a warm C- except maybe Mickey Avalon.

-Pop up tents are great and folks will appreciate the shade.

-Camping chairs are nice to sit on under the pop up tents.

-Put your own unique spin on the summer skate BBQ idea. There are no rules here. If you want to have a pinata then go for it. If you want it to have an 80s theme then break out the neon.

-Music is great. Whether you have a jam box or a boom box, folks like to feel the groove.

-Lastly have a fun, enjoyable time. Whiners and complainers need not apply.

Let us know how your summer skate BBQ goes! @Aggressivemall on Instagram.

Sun Protection for Rollerbladers

August 1st, 2014 by Radsac

For the most part I try not to wear any sunscreen because I just don’t feel that my skin needs to absorb all of those nasty chemicals into my blood stream. At the same time I am not looking to be a free advertisement for Red Lobster every time I am outdoors all day long.

My solution?

Hats. Everyday of my life.

I’m not sure why Razors and Ground Control took so long to get into the hat game but the good news is that it’s never too late to do anything in life (except become an astronaut or fighter pilot… sorry OMH; there is still time to get abducted by aliens though) and they finally made it to the small table of companies that want to give bladers some good looking items to wear on their heads.

Click the pics for the full details and to get your very own.

Razors 5 Panel Hat ($24.95)
Razors 5 Panel Hat

Ground Control 5 Panel Hat ($24.95)
Ground Control 5 Panel Hat

Click here for our entire selection of hats for bladers.

Amall Trick Tips: Favorite Switch Ups

July 31st, 2014 by Radsac

Dre just told me that he was a big fan of social media because it allows us to easily share our trick tips to rollerbladers around the world (at least to those countries without internet censorship). He is also a huge fan of switch ups and was happy to see that we opened up our trick tip videos to include switch ups for you to learn.

Possibly the biggest tip to learning switch ups is to skate as much as possible. The guys and gals who put on their blades 4-5 times a week will enjoy a constant skill progression that comes to those who put in the hard work.

Below are a few samples from our switch up trick tips but please check out our Aggressivemall YouTube Channel if you want to view them all along with other great aggressive skating clips.

Dre delivers just the tip for you, with a little motivation from Bruce Lee:

Amall team rider Victor Arias has the smoothest switch ups and style:

New MTN DVSN Backpacks: Panther Pack and Rucksack

July 30th, 2014 by Radsac

MTN DVSN just air dropped their new backpacks in 4 colorways a few weeks ago and we’ve been field testing them with so much enjoyment that we forgot to update the blog. The nice dudes at MTN DVSN decided to blow the competition out of the water and release both their newly designed Panther Pack and an updated version of their tried and proven Rucksack.

I have literally used my MTN DVSN Rucksack everyday since I picked it up during the first release and it has been the best backpack that I have owned in my life. In fact it has been so durable that I don’t even need to try their new packs but I can’t help myself when I find a product that truly works good! Civilian folks (civis) ask me all the time if they can check out my backpack because they’ve been searching for one like it.

The search is over. (Click here or on the pictures for complete descriptions, details, features and pictures)



Click here or go to Aggressivemall.com and add all of the MTN DVSN backpacks that you want to the cart and at check out enter DEATHMTN in the coupon code box and $5 will be subtracted for each pack. Easy peasy!

MTN DVSN Panther Pack: Black/Red or Tan ($65)
MTN DVSN Panther Pack

Mountain Division Panther Back Pack

MTN DVSN Panther Pack Tan

MTN DVSN Panther Backpack and Skates

MTN DVSN Rucksack: Black or Tan ($75)
MTN DVSN Rucksack Black Back Pack

Mountain Division Rucksack Black

MTN DVSN Rucksack Tan Backpack

MTN DVSN Rucksack and Skates



Click here or go to Aggressivemall.com and add all of the MTN DVSN backpacks that you want to the cart and at check out enter DEATHMTN in the coupon code box and $5 will be subtracted for each pack. Easy peasy!

USD presents their DIY Carbon boot: Pre-Order Now!

July 30th, 2014 by Radsac

What if you could wake up one morning, hit the reset button on your life and start with a blank slate without 99 problems?

Well you are dreaming if you think life works like that but luckily for your new skates, USD provides the opportunity to have a fresh canvas to color however you desire.

The new USD DIY Carbon Boot has a special skin that is specifically designed to let you easily apply your artistic skills to create a unique masterpiece.

Start with a Blank Canvas…
USD DIY Carbon Skate Boot

And POW right in the kisser!
USD Do It Yourself DIY Carbon Boot

The possibilities are only limited by your massive imagination so PRE-ORDER* your pair today and start sketching out or computer rendering your designs right this second.

No art skills whatsoever? Really, none? Then you will have to stick with one of the other great aggressive skate boots here.

*Expected to be available in early August

New USD Throne Skates

June 9th, 2014 by OLD MONEY

People have been chomping at the bit for the new USD Thones to come out. In the Right corner we have the USD Classic Throne weighing in at just shy of 190 and available right here.

USD Classic Throne 2014

And over in the left corner we have the USD Evo Throne weighing in at the same price, $189.99.

USD Evo Thrones 2014

Step your freshie game up and cop a pair before it’s too late. If we know anything about USD, once they’re gone, they are GONE.

Don’t be like Mike, be like Chris.

May 22nd, 2014 by OLD MONEY

I’ll go ahead and say it: Jordan is played. Everyone wants be like the OLD king of air, Michael Jordan. The thing is, there is a new king of Flight in town, and he doesn’t play for the Bulls.

Chris Haffey has always been called superman for the crunk ass tricks that he has thrown down on his blades, but this time, he is legitimately flying through the air like le man de steele.

These stunts are by no means an accident. He did not “get lucky” landing these. This wasn’t a fluke sesh were he was feeling the juice.

Dude has the skill.

Besides the immense amount of practice and dedication that goes into learning and perfecting these tricks, you have to make sure that your equipment game is real strong.

That being said, we present the Chris Haffey Park Pack.

Chris Haffey Park Pack. Eulogy Wheels. Bones Swiss.

The Park Pack features a set of 4 Eulogy Chris Haffey 58mm 88a wheels as well as a set of 8 Bones Swiss Bearings. Both of these are considered the best in their respective field. This combo only runs $69.95 and you can get it shipped out for about the same price as a double double with fries and a drink. Peep game right over here.

Chris Haffey Eulogy Wheels

They 58mm profile ensures maximum speed while the 88a hardness gives a smooth ride as well as that crucial grip mandatory for the high speeds.

Bones Swiss Bearings

The Bone Swiss Bearings have long had a well deserved reputation of being the best bearings available on the Market at a price that won’t force you to survive of thrown away tortillas and ramen noodles like a dumpster duck. With a little bit of care and maintenance, you can very easily get multiple years of use out of your Bones Swiss Bearings.

Chris Haffey Vibralux Jeans

While fashion is not nearly as important as your actual hardware, it might be time to toss your beat up, junker, stained to all hell thrift shop jeans and cop some of the brand new Chris Haffey Vibralux Jeans. Shit is madd player. Be sure to check them jams out right over here.