Big Feet = Big Savings

May 12th, 2015 by OLD MONEY

You know what they say about people with big feet right? I’ll give you a hint: It has nothing to do with socks… If you are a size 11 or up, you know the pain and relentless clowning that comes with having large appendages. Rollerblading might be the only community where having tiny baby feet is desirable and all you big fellas are constantly on the outside looking in. Well the time for you to cash in on your monster clod hoppers has come.

Valo Alex Broskows

Remember these things? If you don’t, we can enter this magnificent time portal jam thing and take a look at them in all their splendor

Did we mention the boots are $89?

Did we also mention you can get the complete jams too?

Valo Alex Broskow Skates Complete

Did we mention that these are $99? That is correct my dear Watson. Complete, Italian, Valos for Ninety Nine duckets. Supply is hyper limited so act fast and reap the benefits while you can.

I guess sometimes it does pay to have big feet.

Checking In With Victor Arias

May 8th, 2015 by NOT DRE

Long time Bay Area rider Victor Arias took some time out of his day to answer some questions.


1. Most tricks have some background information or crazy story to it that the viewer never knew about. You’ve been shooting for your Filth Juice article, can you give us a cool story from shooting with them?
It was good shooting with the Filth Juice crew, nothing too crazy really happened….ummmm, we passed a bar called “the whiskey house” on our way to shoot the back backslide I did on the blue square drop rail, while we were setting up ESG said he’d buy a shot if I landed it haha which he still owes me!! We always find ways to make it interesting and keep it fun whether it’s betting 1 dollar or a 32oz. beer for landing the trick in a certain amount of tries ya know. I mean these are the dudes i skate with on a regular basis, so everything felt pretty natural/normal! If we got a trick….cool, if not…, we still had laughs and beers afterwards so every session was a good one! That’s the plus side of working with guys u grew up skating with, anything we produce comes organically and feels natural!

2. You land a trick but consider it sloppy. What do you deem acceptable, how many times would you be willing to retry it in order to make it the way you want it? You ever get broke off and get pissed that you retried it?
Acceptable would be me landing the trick the way I played it out in my head, so I’ll keep trying a trick as long as I’m physically capable! Spontaneous/spur of the moment things happen at times too and sometimes you just have to keep the clip “as is” ‘cause it was just too good, but don’t get it twisted it’s the filmer’s job as well to let you know: “you have to do it again” OR “we got it we can go home” so if ur working with a distracted/disinterested filmer I can already tell you that it’s not gonna work out. You guys gotta be on the same page, yeah I’ve taken a few spills after everyone telling me that the trick was perfect but that’s the name of the game ya know….

3a. Out of all the places you’ve toured, what’s your favorite for skating and non-skating?
It’s easy to say that Barcelona would be my favorite city I’ve ever skated in. Even now I see constant NEW footage of that place and still wanna go back and attempt to explore every street and alleyway. Japan and Portugal would be on my top list of cities to hang out in…..although they both do have ALOT to skate! I had a lot of fun roaming the streets of Tokyo and Lisbon, but as you can imagine every city I’ve been to has a story.


3b.Is it more satisfying getting a clip in fresh terrain, or getting something in your hometown that you’ve always seen or looked at?
I always liked skating my hometown because as time went by my progression level would change so when I’d go to a spot I had been eyeing I would end up doing something I never thought I can do on it, I like blading new terrain and places/cities I’ve never been to also because when we pull up to a spot I almost instantly know or have an idea what I wanna do on it, but also other times ur sitting at a spot u don’t have a trick on; waiting for the homie to clip up and u randomly look across the street and see a spot to get a maneuver on……so skating new cities is good!

4. Stuck on island for a month. What flavor 32 ounce do you want?
The coldest ones!!!!!!!! Haha, well if I’m stuck there for a month I’d probably want a few cases of 32’s, which would be Corona Familiars!!! If the ‘ronas aint available Pacifico’s will do!

5. You are trying to get a clip you’ve been eying for a long time. Who do you bring?
Easy question! Ivan and Vinny to film it, B.Smith to shoot it, Black Mike cause he’s Black Mike, B.FREE for good vibes, EL PRESIDENTE E.S.G and the rest of JSF squad to merk anyone that ain’t tryna have it!


Brand New USD Boots: The Sway

April 27th, 2015 by OLD MONEY

It has been a while since a brand new skate has hit the scene, but USD has done it again with their new skate: The Sway.

USD Sway Street Skate White

The Sway Skate is now for $149 and is worth every penny! Featuring a Kizer Fluid 3 Frame and a flat setup with 57mm wheels, the USD Sway Skate is ready to rumble right out the box. The complete setup checks in at an extremely light 3lbs 13oz (size 9) which is rather impressive when you realize that it is a flat setup. Check out the White version of the Sway Street here!

If an all white skate is not what you are interested in, we also have the USD Sway Street Skate available in a black with slightly different features.

USD Sway Street Black

The USD Sway Street Skate in black comes out the box with GC Featherlite 3 Frames, Yall Like 57mm wheels and GC antis. This skate is unbelievably light, checking in at 3lbs 4oz (size 9). Check out the USD Sway Street Skate in black here!

Razor Cult Street Skate Back In Stock

April 24th, 2015 by OLD MONEY

The ever popular Razor Cult Skate is back in stock. Featuring a slim tight fitting design that offers complete control as well as an extremely light feel, it is no surprise that the Cult has seen a boost in popularity recently.

Razor Cult Street Skate

The Cult Street is $149.95 and comes with Featherlite 3 frames and Razor 56mm wheels. Check them out here!

If you wanted to get your whole kit re fitted, we also have the Cult Street Starter Pack.

Razor Cult Street Starter Pack

The Razor Cult Street Starter Pack costs $199.95 and comes with Skates, a Humble Backpack, wheels, bearings and other goodies! Check it out here.

Remembering Yesterday Today

April 21st, 2015 by Kruns

We here at Amall like reminiscing. We love blading history, whether it’s the early days of blading or the memories being make by bladers today. Call us sentimental, but we’ve been in this business for nearly 20 years.

Yeah, Salomon is sticking to ski boots and Deshis went to carbon only to be absorbed by USD. And many of us started on the RB Lightnings, we’re also really glad that design didn’t stick around forever.

Still, there are some classic skate designs that just seem to stand the test of time better than others. Whether you’re feeling nostalgic or are afraid of change, there are plenty of classic skates still kicking around the market.

First off, there’s the K2 Fatty. This skate changed street skating as we know it. It made royales a basic trick and the backslide a must for any respectable skater.

We tweaked it a little bit with some GC Big Frames and wheels, and for 300 bones you can get snag a pair and break the sound barrier like it’s 1996.

And if you haven’t heard about the Cult Revolution, don’t worry. The revolution won’t be televised. It’s going to be live, in the streets, and happening before you know it.

If you want to count yourself among the revolutionaries, give us $149.99 and you’ll be ready to drink the cult Kool-Aid.

Now, if you’re old enough to remember when USD stood for Up Side Down, and not Universal Skate Design, you probably smell like Ben-Gay.

But if your arthritis medication is working and you want a tongue outside of your skate like the Mindgame days, get your old heart ready for a surprise.

That’s right, those are some blue Thrones. For a mere $224, you can pre-order these flashy cruisers. (Baggy sweatpants sold separately.)

Last but not least there’s the Majestic 12s, a great skate back in its first generation of street skaters, and back again in the Valo lineup in numerous colorways.

But when that young buck David Sizemore was given his own V13, he went for classic black. Like Sizemore, these skates are tough, lightweight, and capable of holding their own in blade history.

Now that skate companies are keeping classics alive, we’re going to go watch the latest reboots of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Indiana Jones. Those were good, right?

Mean Gene, the Hungry Skeleton, Dab Master G

April 16th, 2015 by Kruns

Call him what you will, but if you haven’t heard the name Gene Steagall, you better pull your head out of whatever crevice you stuck it. (The easiest way to remember is last name is remembering is a combination of Steven Seagal and Mr. T.)

Gene used to hang around the shop, honing his rail skills in the back on whatever piece of steel we could find. But all that rail studying–not books, because those are dumb–paid off for Nothern California’s favorite skin-and-bone dabbing college student on Razors.

Gene started the month by entering Amall’s Cash Clip. Since it was an AO unity, all Gene had to do was wake up, dab it up, and lace ‘em up. Gene does so many “pretzels,” as they’re called in some circles, that it’s second nature.To see it, click here. Mark Zuckerberg is a tool and won’t let us embed his videos.

But that wasn’t enough. That broke college student wanted more money, so he brought more than one trick to the first San Jose Street Comp.

The competition was steep, but at the end of the day, the judges gave it to Gene. That 270 to back backslide to 270 out essentially sealed the deal.

And then to top it all off, his much-anticipated Filth Juice section went live:

The video is evidence that Gene is one hungry boy, especially because he’s a broke college student that’s headed towards the state at San Jose State University.

But after the March he had, Gene better slow down or he’s going to bankrupt the shop.

Spring Time Blues

March 27th, 2015 by NOT DRE

Spring is at last upon us. The ignorant might think that us Californio’s are not affected by the weather, but this is simply not true. Since late November the lot of us have been barricaded inside in a futile attempt to avoid 60 degree weather and slight cloud cover. Laugh all you won’t but shit ain’t no joke son. Having to go to work in a sweater and jeans changes a man. It reworks one’s inner being and all that jazz etc etc.

The point of this tangent is that now that being outside is bearable, the boots are starting to get strapped up a little bit more, which comes with it’s own set of headaches and heartbreaks. Here at the shop we have a wonderful order P Rail that we skate from time to time.

Don’t get me wrong, this rail is hella fun, but shaking off that winter rust is not that fun. I spent a good chunk of time going through (part) of my vocab and making sure I have the basics dialed in, yet for some reason it seemed like all my tricks looked like this

I suppose it could be worse. I could work with Nolte. I could also work next to a porta potty factory. Oh well. At least it is Friday. Time to work on my KGs.

Black Is the New Black

March 23rd, 2015 by Kruns

In case you haven’t noticed, the rollerblading fashion gods have dictated 2015 as the year of black fabric. (Not Black Fabric the brand because we still don’t know where that stuff went.)

No, we’re talking the black jean and black T-shirt combo that’s all the rage.

For further proof of that, check the wardrobes of everyone competing in last weekend’s Pow-wow Pro/Am.

Sure, it reached the 90s during the day in Jacksonville and black absorbs light, but that didn’t stop all those metal heads and people who don’t want to be seen at night from donning outfits suitable for a Black Sabbath concert. Still, black t-shirts last longer because you can’t see the years of blood and mud stamped into the fabric.

But besides clothes, black wheels, frames, and skates are the easiest way to look clean while living the dirt bag life. There’s nothing worse than taking your new skates out in the spring and they look like hobo shoes after one session.

Dirty blades

Valo’s been cranking out their V13s in all sorts of colors—from Broskow’s coffee to the Blue Impalas. Now, David Sizemore has his own.

And guess what? It’s black!

Besides putting some simple, classic style into his skates, David also puts style into his skating, which is obvious in the new promo for the new DS V13.

It’s an awesome move for David—Valo’s newest pro—especially because it was only a year ago that he was just doing curb stalls.

If you want these black-on-black-on-black blades, pre-order them from Aggressive Mall (boot-only) for $169.

Stay tuned to to see what kind of customs we’ll come up with. Chances are at least one will involve Batman.

The Super Sesh Saver for the Discerning Skater

January 26th, 2015 by Kruns

You have a spare tire and a jack in your trunk just in case your car breaks down, so why aren’t you just as cautious with you skates?

Yeah, if your car takes a crap on the way to a sesh, you’ll be pissed, but if your old P.O.S. gets you there and you chunk a wheel, can’t slide, or lose a frame bolt, you’ll be as equally bummed.

That’s why AMall put together the Roadside Assistance Pack years ago, giving you the essentials you need to keep the juice flowing in your sesh.

The Amall Roadside Assistance Pack is a steal at $19.99, covering all the basics of what could go wrong while you’re shredding.

But everyone knows a full-size spare is better than that little donut in the back that’s only good for 30 miles at no faster than a tortoise crawls.

Give your emergency pack the Ferrari upgrade with the new PREMIUM Roadside Assistance Pack.

For $44.99, you get the following:
- a set of Eulogy wheels
- Amall ABEC 9s, tested by the Amall team
- a bar of the world-famous Amall wax
- two long-handled allen keys
- two 18mm frame bolts

If you do the math–and don’t worry because we did that for you–all separately that’s worth over $60.

Keep this handy pack in your trunk, glove compartment, or in your bag as you blade. It could either save your sesh, or upgrade it completely, depending on how you already roll.

Exclusive Offerings From Our San Carlos HQ (now in San Carlos)

January 21st, 2015 by NOT DRE

AHHHHHH YES! The glorious month that we call January! Not only is it cold as shit with snow and other unmentionable shit that I have only seen in movies (in most (flyover) states), there is also nothing really exciting or new coming out till late spring slash summer.

While we can’t make ice melt (we have tried with Krans and Nolte, yet they are still pretty fucking ice), we can come up with some fresh takes on some already fresh items.


Exhibit number 1: Impala “Tiger-Style” Setup.

Tiga Styluh

The V 13 has re emerged as a staple tried and true blah blah blah. We know all this. This skate is popular because it is lightweight and solid. Over here at our lovely San Carlos HQ (now located in San Carlos) , we concluded that there is only one thing that can make this skate more solid: Flat Rocker.

Loading these jams up with some Soichiro Eulogies presented a problem however since the wheels are now 58mm. Luckily, the Kizer Slimline 2 does a great job of accommodating this size wheel with a 4 down setup. Add some orange laces for some piz-zazz, and BLAM! There you have it.

Exhibit Number 2: The Ray Gun Religion “Prodigy” Tee

Raygun Religion

Not sure what to make of this shirt. Is it the virgin mary? is it some crunk monk? To quote Arlo from the USD Video, “What is that Guy”?

To be honest, I don’t even know where this thing came from. It seems that it really is of extraterrestrial, and it has invaded every single clothing category on the website. I heard that all it wants is to be purchased, and it will go away. Let us hope that it means no harm.

Exhibit Number 3: Ridin’ High with USD

With the amount of Carbon and Carbon Free skates currently out nearing astronomical levels, the good ol’ boys at Amall’s San Carlos HQ (now located in San Carlos) set to make something new and exciting to buds around the sesh in.

If you never heard this song, you most likely live in Fremont….

Introducing, the USD Riding High Setup V.Montre point oh


as well as the USD Riding High Setup V. Eisler point three

Eisler RIdin High

Don’t allow yourself to be pidgeon holed with a classic anti rocker setup topping off at 58mm, or a flat setup with some jumbo ass wheels. There is a middle ground. There is a gray area. We are here to ENABLE you. Skate anti with 72mm and smash on a hater! What is stopping you?

Exhibit 4: Kizer “Tall Boy” Ready to Roll


Now I coulda swore I just was ranting about embracing the middle ground in life and saying you should not be pidgeon-hoe’d. If I offered the Riding High Setup only for 2 pairs of skates, I would be pidgeon holing each and every one of you. Kizer “Tall Boy” Ready to Roll allows you to get that same crunk feeling offered on the Riding Highs but for whatever skate you have or are looking to get. 72mm Anti is a beautiful thing mayne, and the way Ready To Rolls move nowadays, don’t be surprised if these sell out soon!

5 Good Reasons to Never Skate Again

January 19th, 2015 by Kruns

Despite what you might hear, the hardest part of rollerblading is rollerblading. Not only do you have to bend down to change your footwear to do it, but there are numerous downsides to continuing skating. Injuries and other hardships aside, here are some reasons you should just quit skating and find something better to do with your time.

1. It’s Not Cool

We’re not the first to tell you this. You’ve just been living in denial for all these decades. Face it, bro, no one rollerblades anymore. Just to make everyone shut up, pick up a skateboard or a fixie. If you’re under the age of 12, get a scooter.

Society should dictate what you do and do not do. Pop culture says rollerblading stopped being a thing 20 years ago. Get with the times, ditch those skates, and don’t forget to keep up with the Kardashians.

2. It Takes Hella Work

Rollerblading is easy, which is why no one wants to do it. Just kidding. Most people can’t even stand up on a pair of skates, let alone get all the wheels off the ground.

But jumping? Man, that just sounds like a lot of work. And then if you don’t land your trick, you have to pick yourself off the ground.

You don’t have to do any of that if you just stay there on the couch playing Call of Duty. And if you don’t play, the terrorists will win.

3. No One Else Ever Wants to Skate

Why don’t your friends ever want to get out and shred?

This list gives them plenty of reasons, so don’t expect anything different. Take those skates to Goodwill and move on with your life.

4. You’re Too Old Anyway

Igor Jovanovic - Valo from Igor Jovanovic on Vimeo.

What are you in your 30s? And you’re still clomping around on children’s toys? C’mon, act your age. Ditch those blades for a mortgage, a soul-crushing job, and the noose-like fashion accessory known as the necktie. It’s what you’re supposed to do, so do it.

All those old injuries are catching up. Your ankles clack, your knees creak, and your wrists sound like gravel going through a garbage disposal. Save yourself the trouble of getting hurt and take up bowling or maybe a weekend rec softball league.

5. There’s Too Much Work to Do

You’ve got a job and you should work harder. You shouldn’t be wasting those precious hours on nights and weekends jumping off things and sliding down inanimate objects. That won’t get you anywhere.

You should be at work, staying late, hoping your manager takes notice of all you do. Put in lots of time. Put the company first. Work hard and maybe you’ll get a 50 cent raise at the end of 2015. Keep working like that and someday you might be able to afford an above-ground pool for your gated community duplex.

But don’t work too hard because your manager might think you’re gunning for his or her job. Then they’ll find some weak technicality and fire you, no matter how many years you have there. To help prevent that, run all of your ideas by them so they have ample opportunity to take the credit and earn a bigger bonus at the end of the year.

Wait, What Did We Just Say?

Coterie from Shangri La Pictures on Vimeo.

Who are we kidding? Outside leg amputation or if somehow all the concrete and asphalt turned into broken glass, we’re going to keep shredding into 2015, 2030, or 2050. We’re making reservations at a retirement home, but only if they have some sweet rails out front.

Dre’s Broke as Shit Because of Matty Schrock

January 16th, 2015 by Kruns

Dre’s Boddington fund is empty right now.

The challenge was simple on paper: the first person to grind a down ledge that fed into the San Jose basin got paid. Victor Arias, however, was not allowed to collect. The Inaugural Paco Ass Dre Invitational began in September 2013 when Dre proposed a $10 award. With the challenge unmet, he upped the anti to $100.

That may seem like steep inflation, but the ledge is no joke. First off, it’s nipple high. While there’s a downhill run up to help with speed, you have to gap out to it. On one side of the ledge are five “stairs” that are about 2.5 feet tall each, and they’re made out of rocks wrapped in chain link fence. And there was a bush growing out of the bottom stair. (Was because Victor landscaped that thing out of existence.)

On the other side is a drop that would Christopher Reeves even Superman. It’s not a spot for the timid and makes the Staples Center ledges look like a warm-up spot.

This last Saturday a group of fools trekked down to San Jose to get the job done. We warmed up at the downtown San Jose park to get the legs loose and the crew juiced.

Matty Schrock had been down in his home state of Florida for the past few weeks and was afraid someone else would beat him to the cash.

Not at all. The ledge was still pristine and because the recent rains have subsided, the landing was clear.

Ledge be damned, Matty was there to make some money. With a little rub brick and wax love, the stage was set for Matty to cash in.

After a few trips up to the launch, Matty let the crew knew he was ready to roll. The first shot down, he made the distance, but safely slide down on his ass. Same with the second. Since there’s no safe place to come off early because the stairs are more dangerous than the drop, it was an all or nothing endeavor.

Matty made it down with a soul grind, but since his hand touched, he didn’t count it. Clips have to be clean, you know. Matty went back and laced it.

The proof shot, captured by Erick Garcia, shows the true burliness of the ledge. Matty looks like a midget photoshopped onto a normal ledge.


So that’s it. Sixteen months later, Dre had to put his money where his mouth is and Matty couldn’t be happier.


Stay tuned for more ways to take Dre’s money.

10 things to do with $ 100 $ and one easy way to make it.

January 6th, 2015 by NOT DRE

It has been over a year since I originally announced the contest for the San Jose down ledge, and much to my chagrin, no one has taken my money.


If you are unsure of what it is that I speaketh of, enlighten yourself by clicking this time portal to September of 2013.

Unfortunately, some people just bought the internet in 2014 (which is perfectly ok) and missed that original post. The follow up that was made shortly afterwards can be seen on this separate time portal to January 2014.

But Fuck All That

Nostalgia is for bums. That was then, this is now. The past is the past etc etc. The point is, y’all fools either drive a hard bargain or are lazier than a certain friend of mine who wears a sleepy crow as a hairpiece. As a token of how much I want to see this ledge done did, I have upped the ante (for the second fucking time) for this contest. $10 dollars was fine and dandy in 2013, but what the fuck was I thinking? This is 2015 and shit is hella expensive.

Shit is so expensive in 2015 that certain black labs have resorted to working for BOTH FedEx AND UPS at the same time just to eat! Paper bags now cost 25 centavos in San Carlos, and Boddingtons 4 packs run for $8.99. With all this rife inflation in 2015, I personally find it hard to believe that nobody wants the extra $10, I mean $50, I mean $100 just to do a simple grind.

So for the third time, I proudly present the Inaugural Paco Ass Dre Invitational (for the third time).

Below is a comprehensive list of all the necessary details that make up the Inaugural Paco Ass Dre Invitational.

I personally invite: Everyone.

Rules are as follows: Grind the San Jose Down ledge.

Prize for 1st place: One Hunid U S - D O L L A R S.

Exluded Applicants: Victor.

So without further ado, here is the the obligatory map of where the ledge is located in downtown San Jose.


If you need any further directions to it, feel free to call Nolte, or to just #textcrunky.

Happy Hunting #youjams.

Start Your New Year Off Right…

January 5th, 2015 by Kruns

Some people have high aspirations when starting off a new calendar page. The most common of which is to lose weight or get in better shape.

Did you know that up to 63 percent of gym memberships are never used? Instead of signing a contract and giving some jock-head your hard earned money, invest in yourself. And by yourself, we mean the blader in your soul.

If you want to get in shape by blasting around your neighborhood, you can snag one of the Powerblade “Ready to Roll” sets complete with moster-sized wheels and AMall Swiss bearings. At $179, that’s cheaper than any gym membership you’ll find, and you’ll actually use them.

But if you want to get better at blading, practice makes perfect nothing makes you want to strap up and roll quite like some freshies. A new set of wheels and bearings are the quickest and cheapest ways to give your skates some new life.

You can customize the most popular frames out there, the Ground Control Featherlite 3s, with your favorite color, wheels, and bearings to make your ride uniquely yours.

But if the K2 Fattys you’ve had since Matty Mantz was on ESPN2 aren’t cutting it 20 years later, maybe you should look into getting a new rig. AMall still has some K2 Fattys in select sizes, but there’s a lot more skate technology on the market for you to choose from.

If you like classic 90s skates, you can’t go wrong with the Valo V13 re-boots. The latest release, the Blue Impala, will get you shredding in the streets for $204.

But if you want to get with the 21st century, there’s no way to do it quicker and with more style than the new Ben Schwabs from Xsjado.

For $339, you get a complete setup ready for street or park, as well as foot wraps that double as shoes for hitting the bar after a gnarly sesh.

Because let’s face it, what’s the point in bettering yourself if you’re not going to reward yourself with a shot and a beer afterward?

Warm Up Your Holidays with a Blanket Party

November 25th, 2014 by Kruns

It’s getting cold out there, so while some people want to hide away from the effects of global warming under a nice comfy blanket, we have something a little more sinister in mind.

If there’s someone in your crew who doesn’t blade in the winter, whether from the weather or from just being lame, we can help you get their priorities straight with a Blanket Party.

The premise is simple and one you may remember from Full Metal Jacket.

Since your grandma is going to knit you a blanket anyway, you’ve got most of your gear there. But it takes more than a blanket to party.

For $17.95, AMall will hook you up with a Blanket Party Pack, which includes a pair of Gawds socks and two blocks of wax.  The pack comes in short and long, depending on your arm length and velocity needs.

To get cranking, just drop the wax in the sock, shake it down to the bottom, and get cranking. While AMall in no way encourages violence in any way, we would like to remind you the liver is on the right side of the torso.

Or your could do everyone one step better and use those new socks to keep your feet warm while you blade and the wax to keep all your surfaces buttery smooth.

Don’t forget to check the site and your email inbox from some violently discounted goods this Black Friday shopping season.